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The Mayor’s Committee on Homelessness is committed to helping those in need. If you are experiencing difficult circumstances or are in a housing crisis, there are many local resources and services that can give you a helping hand.

The Downtown Billings Homeless Resource Map is a portable, user friendly guide that quickly connects individuals and families experiencing homelessness with the community resources they most need. If you’re in need of shelter, food, clothing, healthcare, legal aid, restrooms, showers, or laundry facilities the Downtown Billings Homeless Resource Map can guide you to the right place. Help is just around the corner!

3rd Edition Map Photo

Click Here for Downtown Billings Resource Map

The Resource Notepad is a tool developed by the Mayor’s Committee on Homelessness to help individuals contact and connect with organizations and community resources under ten major categories: Food Assistance & Household Needs, Housing, Transportation, Healthcare, Shelter, Employment Services, Education Opportunities, Financial Assistance, Children’s Services, and Addiction Treatment Options.

3rd Edition Notepad

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The Ask Directory was developed by the Human Resources Development Council (HRDC) and connects those in need of help with available services and resources. Using the HRDC Ask Directory is simple. Just type the service you need into the Ask Directory, and the Directory will list the contact information for the local organizations that can help. Examples of services you can search for include:

Addiction Disability Energy Legal
Adoption Education Food Rentals
Business Elderly Healthcare Recreation
Children Emergency Homeless Transportation
Counseling Employment Housing Veterans

Click Here for HRDC Ask Directory