Get Invovled

The Mayor’s Committee on Homelessness’ plan to impact homelessness, Welcome Home Billings, is a community plan because impacting homelessness requires a community effort.  

While we cannot forget the tragedy of homelessness in our neighborhoods, we should also not forget the success stories.  Most people who become homeless in Billings will access the services and resources they need to once again have a home of their own.  Such progress would not be possible without community members like you choosing to get involved.

You can help!

Educate, Donate, Volunteer, Participate

  Collectively we can make a difference!

Help support and raise money for one of the many organizations that help those in need in your community! Check out the events page to see upcoming events in the community! Your participation can help fellow members of your community that are struggling to get by each day.


Looking for volunteer opportunities?

Check out United Way’s Volunteer Center  for a list of local organizations currently seeking volunteer support.

If your interested in volunteering in any events on the calendar, feel free to contact them and ask if they would like help!

To help support local organizations, you can donate directly with the organization you choose or through the Downtown Billings Association “Spare Change for Real Change” fundraising initiative.

Funds raised through Spare Change for Real Change are granted annually to local organizations that work to combat homelessness in Billings.  100% of your tax-deductible donation to Spare Change for Real Change goes to impacting homelessness.  There are no hidden collection fees or cost.

Learn more about Spare Change for Real Change here


You can donate to Spare Change for Real Change by sending your contribution to the following address:

Spare Change for Real Change
2817 2nd Avenue North
Billings ,MT 59101


Billings Community Connect Planning Committee

The Billings Community Connect Planning Committee is a group of volunteers who plan for and organize Billings Community Connect each year.  The Committee is active from August to the end of January and is always looking for new members to help organize and support this annual event.  If you are interested in becoming a committee member please contact:

Lynda Woods
Community Development Coordinator
City of Billings, Community Development Division
Phone: 406-657-8284  Email:

South-Central Montana Continuum of Care

The strength of the Continuum of Care for our homeless population is dependent upon community involvement. The South-Central Montana Continuum of Care is always looking for new members who are dedicated to ending homelessness in our community. Membership is open to both individuals and organizations. If you’re interested in joining please fill-out and return the applicable membership form.

Individual Membership Form Organization Membership Form