Welcome! is the official website of Billings’ Ten Year Plan to Impact Chronic Homelessness called “Welcome Home Billings.”  The Ten Year Plan officially began in 2009 and is a collaboration of the City of Billings and over fifty organizations in the community that are focused on eliminating homelessness in Billings.

Each night in Billings, roughly 600 people are homeless and, over the course of a year, it is estimated that over 2,500 people experience homelessness.  Notably, the face of homelessness is changing.  Last year, over half of the homeless population in the area were either children or young adults, a trend driven by the rapidly growing rate of homeless families.  People experiencing homelessness face a growing number of challenges, facing not only employment and income pressures but also health barriers, physical impediment, and a loss of social supports.

To meet these needs, “Welcome Home Billings” members provide a wide array of services concerning homelessness and focus on coordinated, collaborative, initiatives to further this response.  A few examples of the services provided in the first two years of the Ten Year Plan include:

Assistance almost 11,000 clients with finding employment and preparing them for interviews and the workplace

Low income affordable housing for 2,700 individuals

Health coverage for over 3,000

More than 380,000 meals served

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In addition, there have been a number of new programs emerging from the Ten Year Plan, including additional projects that integrate housing, employment, and services.  To learn more, visit the “About Welcome Home Billings” section, where you can learn about the Ten Year Plan, its history, and what has been accomplished.

About “Welcome Home Billings”

This website helps to carry the Ten Year Plan to Impact Chronic Homelessness forward by offering better opportunities for the Billings community to engage with the issue of homelessness. It allows the community to learn more about the issue, provides opportunities to participate, volunteer, or donate, and allows people to access the resources that may need them.  There is something for everyone on this website. Community involvement is key to confronting homelessness here in Billings.

Together We Can End Homelessness!